My family just loves Dr. Ash and his staff.  My entire family feels blessed to have found an amazing Dentist.  Dr. Ash and staff, make you feel like part of the family.  Mrs. M.

I never had a bad experience at Ash General Dentistry.  My daughter and  I have both received great quality in the care and treatment provided to each of us over the years. I never have worry or anxiety if/when I need treatment for a problem.  I have referred multiple people over time and have even had a friend come back and hug me because she was so grateful and all the staff exceeded her expectations os much. Mindy C

Dr. Ash is a wonderful dentist.  He truly care about his patients and makes your visit a very comfortable one.  His staff is great.  Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

I would highly recommend Dr. Jon Ash and his team to anyone.  Especially if they've ever had a bad experience with dental work or just an over all fear of having dental work done.  Dr. Ash is very caring and his overall goal is not only caring for your dental needs but making sure you have the best possible experience regardless if it's a filling or having a root canal done.  The staff is amazing as well and when you walk in you know you're in good  hands.  Donna S.     

Ash General Dentistry

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Dentist Canton, OH - Ash General Dentistry

Dentist Canton, OH - Ash General Dentistry

Dentist Canton, OH - Ash General Dentistry

We would like to welcome you to our dental practice and explain a little about our office policies and goals. Through proper preventative care and regular checkups, we believe that it is highly likely that most of our patients can expect to keep all of their teeth for many years to come.

We pride ourselves on our high degree of professional skill and our dedication to your oral healthcare. We appreciate your cooperation in making and keeping appointments to maintain your good oral hygiene. My staff and I will make every effort to make your visits as comfortable as possible through the latest in anesthesia and sedation.

If you are scheduled for a routine cleaning and have additional concerns, please call ahead so we can adjust our schedule. We will strive to provide the greatest customer service, if you have any concerns regarding our office, please contact us in person, by phone or email. We thank you for your trust.