I find Dr. Ash's office and staff to be very caring and relaxing.  Their attention to detail and their concern with how you are doing every step of the way keeps me coming back.  Monica

Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming.  They always make sure that I am comfortable & in no pain.  My teeth feel so clean and smooth when I leave?  Thank You?  DAK

Dr. Ash and his staff are great.  They treat my kids like family.  I never have any battles to get my kids to go to the dentist or to have their teeth cleaned.  They are always accommodating and group my appointments together-this is a life saver as I have 4 kids under 8 that need to be seen by a dentist.  KMS

Very friendly staff; knowledgable dentist who doesn't try sell you work you don't need.

I don't know anyone who likes to go to the dentist.  I hadn't gone for over 15 years when I had a very bad toothache and my kids told me about Dr. Ash.  I will never go anywhere else.  Everyone is so friendly and it seems their utmost priority is how comfortable each patient is with the dental care they need.  I  haven't had one bad experience with the care I have received over all the years I have been going to Dr. Ash's.

As always, in on time and seen by Dr. Ash within minutes of sitting in the chair.  Diagnosis was quick and I received a referral and was on my way in no time.  It is this way each and every visit and this includes all members of my family of 9.

Everyone from start to finish is genuinely kind and professional.  Lisa B.

Staff is always very friendly, helpful, and professional.

On time and friendly as always.  Bill K.

Who has fun at the dentist, I do! Every experience is always positive. Dr. Ash and staff are fun. They are very sensitive to my needs.  Always making sure I'm comfortable and pain free.  Everyone is so kind.  They explained what the procedure was going to be and what to expect when I am done.  Lisa B.

Check on wisdom teeth went great.  Patient and kind toward my 15yr old daughter.  Shannon C.

With 2 inches of new snow and appointment at 7 am, I wondered if the staff would even make it in.  I arrived on time and they were indeed there and already buzzing about in their roles.   The dental care:  I had a general cleaning and the care was exceptional as always.  I especially observed the team dynamics where everyone is serving the best interests of the patients with enthusiasm.  Did I mention  "With enthusiasm!" And yes staff, if you're wondering--we notice fresh cookies, the glow and aroma of glowing candles, broad selection of coffee and tea, and all the additional little touches.  Thanks everyone, it is wasy to account for the reason over 17 people have taken my recommendation to switch to your practice.  Lisa W.   

I just had another great experience with Dr. Ash and his team!  They always make me feel welcome and comfortable!  I feel like they spend as much time as necessary and are always willing to go the extra mile.  The customer service as is impressive as the dental work!




Ash General Dentistry

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Dentist Canton, OH - Ash General Dentistry

Dentist Canton, OH - Ash General Dentistry

Dentist Canton, OH - Ash General Dentistry

We would like to welcome you to our dental practice and explain a little about our office policies and goals. Through proper preventative care and regular checkups, we believe that it is highly likely that most of our patients can expect to keep all of their teeth for many years to come.

We pride ourselves on our high degree of professional skill and our dedication to your oral healthcare. We appreciate your cooperation in making and keeping appointments to maintain your good oral hygiene. My staff and I will make every effort to make your visits as comfortable as possible through the latest in anesthesia and sedation.

If you are scheduled for a routine cleaning and have additional concerns, please call ahead so we can adjust our schedule. We will strive to provide the greatest customer service, if you have any concerns regarding our office, please contact us in person, by phone or email. We thank you for your trust.